The Urban + The Mystic

The Los Angeles-based, female founded company launched in 2018 as a way to reimagine gifting. The Urban + The Mystic decided to look inward when thinking ‘outside the box.’ Attention to detail is key for U+M when curating every gift box, bundle, bowl and product sold because everything when rooted in love is better. The brand’s ethos is to help customers create their own ripple in the world and spread those good intentions, one gesture at a time.

We Are

The Urban + The Mystic

The reason this is the first thing we want to highlight about ourselves is because we have created a company that helps you live in a modern world and still dive into a world that might seem woo woo or “mystic” if you will. We’re here to make this world easy, fun and accessible to all and also to remind you that crystals, sage, mindfulness and self care are anything but hippie dippy, trendy practices.

If you’re reading this chances are you live in a modern fast paced world and the problem with “fast” is that we can miss things, we begin to look outside of ourselves for answers that lie within, we forget about our own needs because we’re too busy taking care of others and our number one goal at U+M is to offer you tools to slow down, create moments to unplug from the world and plug into yourself to heal or call in prosperity or create good vibes.  

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