Large Selenite Mineral
Large Selenite Crystal
Large Selenite Mineral
Large Selenite Crystal

Selenite Large

Regular price $40.00

Selenite protects, calms and raises your vibration.  Perfect for setting a calm, tranquil vibe whether you sit with it whilst meditating or place it by your front door to greet guests as they enter your home. Selenite is an amazing tool aid in better sleep, clearing the mind and opening your crown chakra.  This large piece of selenite can be used to charge other crystals, by placing smaller crystals on top of this piece you will have cleared your crystals and readied them to be used once again.


Weight 3-3 1/2 pounds

Width 2-3in

Height 16-17in

Depth 1-2in

*All weights and measurements are approximations as each piece of selenite will vary.

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