Agate with Druzy Heart
Agate with Druzy Heart
Agate with Druzy Heart
Agate with Druzy Heart

Agate with Druzy Heart

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Druzy crystals look like they have been sprinkled with fairy dust and in our minds that exactly what these are, gifts from magical fairies.  It's no wonder that these sparklers have a soothing effect on the body, move negative energies and relieves stress. Druzy also boosts creativity, imagination and awakens positive self-love. We'll take all of the above please.  

Agate's energy is rooted in stability and support.  Living in a fast paced, busy world we sometimes forget how important it is to be grounded, grounded in our everyday lives as well as grounded to nature and the incredible world around us, agate is our link to these energies of stability and support. This stone will help balance you and connect you to the world around you and under your feet.   


Weight 3pounds

Width 6in

Height 2 1/2in

Depth 5in


*All weights and measurements are approximations


  • Please note that all crystals, wood and weights will vary due to the organic nature of each box.
  • Any order that is not personalized ship from our warehouse within 48 hours.
  • Standard orders ship within two business days.  Any order with personalized engraving is shipped within 5 business days.
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