Beautiful Brazilian Clear Quartz

Brazilian Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is a master healer and energy amplifier. It is extremely powerful in raising the energy of a space, other crystals that it is placed around or an intention.  A beautiful protector from negativity and helps in connecting you to your higher self. 

This piece also has rainbows throughout it which are all about positive vibes and hope. The rainbows help stimulate your chakras and manifest to your heart’s desire, wonderful to have around you whilst you meditate.  Focus what you’re trying to manifest on this beauty and it will become “programed”, it will help raise the vibration of what you’re calling in.  The rainbow quartz comes with the added bonus of a harmonious and blissful energy.

You will be able to best see the rainbows when you hold the piece under a lamp or up to sunlight. As you move the crystal, the light hits it in different spot and you will see the rainbows appear.

Amazing house warming, wedding, birthday or holiday gift. 

Weight 9 pounds

Width 5in

Height 11in

Depth 3 1/2in

*All weights and measurements are approximations

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