Quartz Heart
Quartz Heart
Quartz Heart
Quartz Heart

Quartz Heart

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Quartz is the most versatile healing stone.  It amplifies energy and intention, meaning if you put it next to another crystal it will amplify that crystal's energy or if you sit with this crystal and set an intention, in the crystal world we call this "programming", it will amplify the energy of your intention.  However, if you just want it to sit there and look pretty it can do that too.


Weight 2pounds

Width 5in

Height 2in

Depth 4 1/4in


*All weights and measurements are approximations

  • Please note that all crystals, wood and weights will vary due to the organic nature of each box.
  • Any order that is not personalized ship from our warehouse within 48 hours.
  • Standard orders ship within two business days.  Any order with personalized engraving is shipped within 5 business days.
  • All U+M Products are Prop 65 Certified

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