Someone will always bring the wine, you can bring the good vibes.

We get it… sometimes finding the perfect gift can be a dive down the never ending rabbit hole. Someone else has sent flowers, you've already given a bottle of wine, you're at the end of your rapidly fraying rope and you need to send a gift. Enter, The Urban + The Mystic, we've created gift boxes designed for all of life’s greatest moments. Let us help you create a moment to celebrate, to heal or to even call in love... yeah, we've got a crystal for that.

Create your moment.

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Our crystal gift boxes help you or someone you love create a moment. A moment to be present, to be thankful, joyful or even to heal, and a moment is all you need to change your life.

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And if you reaaaally love someone... Personalize it!

Make your gift a hit

Personalize it. Trust us, we’re experts. Add a personalized touch by engraving a name, quote or special date.

This might seem like a little detail, but as we like to say, the details are where the love is.

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Polished Selenite Heart
Polished Selenite Heart

Polished Selenite Heart

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