We personally craft each box with love and purpose to inspire the right feeling for your occasion.

The Good
Vibes Box.

Someone will always bring the wine, you can bring the good vibes.


In a world where we are on option overload we at The Urban + The Mystic have rooted our products in meaning, healing and uniqueness.

Can't Find the Words.
Let the Crystals Say it for You.

Our crystal gift boxes help you or someone you love create a moment. A moment to be present, to be thankful, joyful or even to heal, and a moment is all you need to change your life.

Nothing against flowers,
but chances are you'll
never go back!

As Seen In

This brand takes the intimidation factor out of finding crystals. If you want to collect crystals and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend The Urban + The Mystic.

The House Blessing Box serves as the ultimate housewarming gift.

If you want to set the ambiance with a little bit of everything, snag The Meditation Box from The Urban + The Mystic, which is filled with crystals, incense, sage, and a candle.

I felt so lost, wasn’t sure how we could move forward, my Druzy heart arrived…call it coincidence but I thank it’s arrival for allowing us to come together and heal. Thank you so much… It’s truly a beautiful piece.

Melissa W.

Courtney prepared beautiful gifts for me on numerous occasions, tears of joy were the result. She’s such a lovely soul and all the love that is placed into U+M is apparent and appreciated.

Andrea S.

I feel honoured to have one of their boxes and look forward to purchasing another box soon!  My box is a treasure which I use in meditation. Could not have been happier with the process or end result.

Jill S.

I love my goodies from U+M. I purchased them for a friend who just fell head over heels. Looking forward to buying more again soon. Thank you for creating such loving and valuable products for me.

Joe B.

My friend's house was sadly robbed, I felt helpless on how to comfort her from afar, flowers didn't seem enough. The Good Vibes box was perfect! It brought my friend tears of joy as she cleansed her house with rose water. Thank you for creating such a magical brand of beauty and blessings.

Christina T.

This is an EPIC discovery. If you’re looking for love or seeking peace and tranquility this clear heart stone is for you. You need to buy one today, it’s a game changer. These products produce results. I’m serious!

Bernard R.