• Healing Properties of Crystals

    Everything on Earth is comprised of energy and all energy produces vibrations that lead to certain effects. With crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, and Selenite (just to name a few), these vibrations positively interact with human bodies and lead to the alleviation of anxiety and stress as well as relief from common afflictions such as headaches and sleeping disorders.

  • Rose Quartz

    All you need is love… and maybe a little help getting there. Meet rose quartz, the holy grail of unconditional love in the crystal world. Rose quartz helps call in love, heal your heart, connect deeper with your partner, friends and family as well as aiding in forgiveness. Love comes in so many forms and this stone helps you access love from all angles. 
  • Nature Made/Eco Friendly

    What The Urban + The Mystic sells to you is from the earth and we believe you should never take more than you give, so everything we do is with Mother Earth in mind.  Our boxes are made from reclaimed wood and there are hundreds of ways to repurpose it.  Our candles are organic...
  • Globally Sourced

    In a world where we are on option overload we at The Urban + The Mystic have rooted our products in meaning, healing and uniqueness.  Due to the organic nature of ours product line you will never receive two of the same bowl, box or crystal. Every part of every box is globally...