5 Ways to Clear your Crystals

For some reason I’ve always heard a great deal of pomp and circumstance around someone talking about how they cleared their crystals and while I love the passion behind this, I think it can sometimes be intimidating to the novice crystal connoisseur and maybe even prohibit them to buying a crystal because “I don’t know how to clear crystals. Will they have all this bad energy on them? Do I have to hire someone to do this? Do I need to learn a different language to this??” And they keep on comin’ So I’ve decided to take to the streets, AKA the internet to do a public service announcement on how truly easy it is to clear your crystals. Below is a list of 5 simple ways that you can clear your crystals, and just know there’s one secret ingredient to all of this, your mind set or belief system if you will. If you think what you’re doing is silly or will never work and you have to hire a professional to clear your crystals, then it might be best to stop reading the article and google someone in your area to hire and do this. However, if you recognize that you are just as powerful as everyone else on the planet, let’s move forward and clear these babies. 

  • Sage - When sage is burned it clears away the energies in a space and therefore does the same with your crystals. By lighting your sage bundle, blowing out the flame and letting the ember continue to burn, either hold your crystal above the burning sage or wave your sage around the crystal if it is too big to pick up and do this for a few moments. Your gut instinct will tell you when you can stop and move on to your next crystal, but a general rule of thumb for time is 30 seconds per stone, but of course if it’s a bigger crystal it’ll take more time. This is an amazing way to clear**  This is my personal way to clear crystals if i’m short on time, in ceremony or working with a lot of smaller crystals. 

  • Water - By running natural water over your crystals you are clearing away any superfluous energies by neutralizing the stone and sending the energies back to the earth.  Another bonus to doing this, since I’m wildly neurotic about cleanliness, you’re getting any dust, cobwebs or dead critters off your crystals. The only caveat to this method is you must make sure clearly any of your salt based crystals with water as it will cause them to become soft and start to breakdown.  Selenite is a salt based crystals that we use a lot at U+M that should never be cleared with water, but a fun fact about selenite is that is such a high vibration crystal, you actually don’t need to clear it and you can use selenite to clear other crystals. Which brings us to our third way. 

  • Selenite - As mentioned above, selenite can be used to clear other stones and the way you do this is by taking a flat piece of selenite and lay your stones and/or crystal jewelry on top of the slab of selenite for a minimum for 6 hours. If I feel a stone needs a very good clearing and recharge I will place it on top of my selenite slab and leave it there for 24 hours. 

  • Sound Bowls - If you are lucky enough to own a sound bowl or attend sound bath meditations, this is another way to clear your crystals. The frequency omitted from healing bowls is transmitted to your stones. This is a beautiful method to use if you are a crystal collector owning large pieces. As it may be difficult to envelop the stone with the smoke from a sage bundle, but since sound can really fill a space this is an ideal way to let the healing vibration of sound clear your crystals. 

Prayer/Visualization - whichever word you find more comfort in use that as your starting point, just know that while this is my favorite way to clear a stone it can be the most intimidating, “Who am I do blessing this crystal? Do I need a degree in this??” It’s exactly what we were touching on in the beginning of the article, as long as you have a sense of self, a knowing that your energy is just as powerful as anyone else’s then you thrive in doing this.  First start off by grounding or centering yourself.  Then pick up your stone (and feel free to put this in your own words or terms that make you feel comfortable, but what I say is the following.) With love and light I send any energy that is not mine or helpful to me back to its source. I give thanks for this crystals purest energy, I feel that energy bubble up in me and become stronger, continuing to sit in gratitude for this energy and what it’s helping calling into my life.  Then I end by covering the crystal in a beautiful and protective white light, think of it as the bubble around Glinda the Good Witch. It total this doesn’t have to take more than one minute and the reason it’s my favorite way to clear a crystal is because it’s so interactive and you get to not only become more attuned to your crystals energies but also more in touch with your own.