About Us

The Urban + The Mystic is a female founded, female run business out of Los Angeles, California that was created to help make gifting with intention, mindfulness and self care easier than ever before. We’ve worked our tails off to bring old ways into our modern, everyday lives by taking the intimidation factor out of a world that might seem too “woo-woo” or intimidating. 

You see, everyone says, “think outside the box”, but at U+M we do things differently, so we thought inside the box, reimagining what goes into a gift, whether it’s one you’re sending to your best friend or something you’re gifting yourself, the things that are seen as well as the things that can only be felt with the heart and how all of that can come together to create a moment that you’ll never forget.  

Our entire product line helps you and the ones you love create unforgettable moments. As Maya Angelou reminds us, "At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." It is this sentiment that is woven into everything we offer at The Urban + The Mystic.  From our Love Bowl, which has been featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List to our Bereavement Box, we have a gift for all of life’s seasons with every detail being thought of so that whomever is on the receiving end will always remember this moment and how you made them feel.

If we could leave you with one thing it’s that we believe creating moments is what life is about.  All life is, is one moment strung to the next and to the next; that’s why it’s imperative to not just show up for these life events, but to make them special, to create moments around them, a moment to celebrate, to heal, to find calm, to feel loved… The Urban + The Mystic is here to help you create your moment. LFG.