New Years Resolutions that won't make you feel like SH*T

It’s February 1st, one day before my birthday, I’m very open to receiving any and all gifts, but I digress, the point of this article is not about me and how much I love gifts, but rather to give you a gift. The gift of how to choose a resolution that won’t make you feel like sh*t. Most of our resolutions are a recipe for failure as soon as you have that first slice of pizza, missed your workout at the gym or aren’t making 50K more than you were a month ago we can all of a sudden go from feeling on top of the world to on the bottom of someone’s shoe.

Last year I was having brunch with a group of friends and we struck up a conversation with the table next to us and I met the most wonderful woman. She loved pancakes more than any other food in the world. So her New Year's resolution was to eat 1 pancake every day for 365 days. And while I thought it was very cool, I didn’t understand why she was doing this, but she very quickly taught me the point of it all. “Every year I pick a resolution that makes me feel like shit. At some point in the year, sooner rather than later, I haven’t followed through with either losing 10 pounds or going on 5 dates every month. And so I decided this year, I was going to pick a resolution that actively brought joy to my life every day.” I am sharing this story with all of you so that you can have your own year of pancakes. Just so you know this is not some urban legend, below find a link to her Instagram page where she documented the entire year. Every pancake on a different plate every day, kinda amazing.


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The cornerstone of The Urban + The Mystic is “create your moment”. Take the time to create a moment to bless your home, heal your heart, welcome a baby into the world. Your life is a moment after moment strung together, so if we’re not being intentional about these things and creating moments that bring us peace, make us smile, help us be more grateful then what are we doing? Alan Watts said that most people feel unsatisfied because they’re sucking on the bones of the fish as opposed to eating the meat. So let's use that mindset for creating beautiful moments that fulfill us. Specifically, let’s look at our new year's resolutions through this same lens. What is something you can do every day or every week that brings you joy? What is your pancake?

Each one of our boxes gives you a step by step guide on how to access things that so many of us want but in a joyful way. Our prosperity box flips the script on what it means to be truly prosperous and gives you fun exercises on how to jump on the prosperity train. The calling in love box, helps you change your perspective on finding love by giving you a cosmos flower kit. This is a lesson in perspective. The cosmos flower is known as the flower of love. Love, like these flowers, is right in front of you whether it’s broken the surface or not. Your job is not to judge the process, but joyfully be a part of it. Continuously tend to these flowers, enjoy taking care of them and love them, knowing that one day something beautiful will be shown. I’m mentioning these examples to you because obviously love and prosperity are two things that most people want in their life, but the process of getting them can sometimes make you feel like sh*t. So we took it upon ourselves to make the road a bit less bumpy and a bit more scenic because as I'm sure you’ve heard, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey that matters most.

If it’s simply good vibes your after, really reveling in every Sunday Funday or taking one hour every day to read every classic novel ever written, then let the good vibes box set the tone for this time that you have dedicated to fun or relaxation. When you take the time to be deliberate about what you’re doing, whether it’s eating a pancake, reading Anna Karenina or tailgating with a margarita, the mindset you have when you go into the activity is just as important as the activity itself. So let’s look at February 1st as a doover, pick whatever resolution you want as long as it makes you happy and we would be honored to help you create those moments. Here’s to 2020 filled with more good moments than you can count.

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