Welcome to The Urban + The Mystic

We are The Urban + The Mystic; the reason this is the first thing we want to highlight about ourselves is because we have created a company that helps you live in a modern world and still dive into a world that might seem woo woo or “mystic” if you will.  We’re here to make this world easy, fun and accessible to all while also reminding you that crystals, sage, mindfulness and self care are anything but hippie dippy, trendy practices.  If you’re reading this chances are you live in a modern fast paced world and the problem with “fast” is that we can miss things, we begin to look outside of ourselves for answers that lie within, we forget about our own needs because we’re too busy taking care of others so our number one goal at U+M is to offer you tools to slow down, create moments to unplug from the world and plug into yourself to heal or call in prosperity or create good vibes.  

You see crystals are just like the outlets in your home, they’re sitting there waiting for you to plug into them, but if you don’t it doesn’t mean that the outlet is broken or doesn’t work, it means that you haven’t accessed its power yet.  Crystals work in a similar way, if you can cast aside any disbelief you may have and go with the flow of energy it’s offering to you things in your life will start to shift, but the most important part of this equation is you.  Like anything in life, it is your belief or conversely your disbelief in something that will determine the outcome and so we say to all the non-crystal believers out there if all of this seems like a bridge too far, then use your crystals as a visual reminder of what you are calling in.  If you are working to call in love, then let your piece of rose quartz, which is the stone of unconditional love, be a visual reminder or physical touch stone that every time you see or touch your piece of rose quartz you’re gently reminding yourself to keep your heart and mind open to the fact that you will find love, or should we say that love will find you.  If you can start here, you are well on your way to using crystals to create a better, healthier, dare we say cooler life.

Everything we do at The Urban + The Mystic is centered around the idea of creating moments.  Whether you recognize this or not, your life is a series of moments that have been strung together to create your day, your month, your year, your life and if you are checked out of these moments or busy comparing your life to someone else’s or any of the other myriad of reasons that cause us to check out of the present moment then you will miss your life and all of the beauty it has to offer you.  This is why we have created an entire line of products that help you be mindful about the things, people and energies in your life.  We are aiding you in creating moments right here, right now.  In the great words of our shero, Oprah, “what we know for sure is…” if you show up for your life, your life and the magic it holds will show up for you.  The more you slow down, take a breath and show up for every moment in your life, the easier it will be to not just believe in magic but experience the magic. 

People ask us all the time, “Do you really believe crystals work?” and the answer of course, a resounding yes, but it is always followed up with this: crystals, candles, sage, and everything else we sell are all tools that we offer to help you connect to yourself.  Just like we mentioned before the only thing standing in the way from the magic of your crystal working, your outlet being useful to you or your life going in the direction you want it to go in, is your belief system.  It is a story as old as time, it has been told in a million different ways, but our favorite is The Wizard of Oz.  It was once Dorothy believed that her sparkly ruby red slipper held a power that could help get her home, did she then clicked them three times and home she went.  That is exactly how we look at crystals, these are our ruby red slippers.  They are emanating, powerful, healing and motivational energies just waiting to be accessed and bring you “home”.  Our job at The Urban + The Mystic is to help you use your ruby red slippers, A.K.A. your crystals to create a moment, to go within and create depth-ful, beautiful, mindful lives because as Dorothy reminds us, “If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!” 

So now seems like the perfect time to begin our journey together down the yellow brick road of life. May the ruby red slippers we have here for you help you build the life of your dreams, a life that brings you peace, a life that touches others, a life that makes the world a better place and the truth is, “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.” 

We are honored to be on this journey with you, welcome home.

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