Entertaining in the Time of COVID

We’ve all had to put a pin in mass gatherings and while we’re all looking forward to Coachella 2021 this begs the question, what do we do until then? 

Truth be told, we actually prefer small, intimate gatherings. Maybe it’s because we don’t have that many friends, maybe it’s because with less people we get the spotlight more or maybe it’s because we’ve loved some cool tips and tricks on how to make these gatherings extra special for all your guests to remember for years to come. 

Creating a night to remember doesn’t take a lot of money, just a little bit of creativity. 

Here are six fail proof ways to ensure your next intimate gathering is chock full of good vibes. 

Place settings, our personalized palo santo sticks or selenite hearts are the absolute sweetest ways to show someone where they are sitting with the added bonus of your guest being able to take them home and every time they see their crystal or burn their palo santo they will think of you and remember this special night you put together for them. 

Lighting is everything and if you don’t know this fun little fact let us be the first to share this with you, the best way to make you and your guests look flawless  is by candle light. Our candles come with the added bonus of smelling heavenly and being completely non-toxic. Plus, once you’ve finished your candle you can wash out the vessel and use it as a storage container, and who couldn’t use more storage. Not that we know from personal experience, but our votive candle vessels make the perfect shot glass. 

If you’re gathering to celebrate a friend or family member, and we truly mean this, there is no better way to celebrate someone than with our celebration box. This box creates a memorable experience that the person of the hour will never forget, plus they get to leave with a gorgeous gift that will forever serve as a memory of this celebratory get together that you threw for them. P.S. if we could throw in our two cents, which I guess it’s our blog so we’re allowed, do yourself a favor and engrave the lid. This move will make you the talk of the town for years to come. 

If you are a full blown hippie, such as us, you might create an entire gathering around meditation (and then move on to happy hour, you’d be surprised it’s a pretty fun little evening). May we introduce you to our meditation box. You can invite your guests to bring along crystals that they want to use or possibly even share some of crystals in your meditation box, but none of the less everything in this tool kit will help you set the mood to lead or listen to a guided meditation, that will surely set some groovy vibes.  

As any seasoned party thrower will tell you, you can make or break an evening to remember in it’s last moments. This is why we love sending our party goers off with a special little something. We personally feel there is no better way to put a smile on someone’s face and keep your wallet happy, than by grabbing some crystals from our clearance section and let your guest grab whichever ones are calling to them from your bowl of crystals and send them on their way. Everybody loves a happy ending and this is how we define one at The Urban + The Mystic, leaving a house with a heart full of laughs, belly full of food and pocket full of crystals. 

Personalized Palo Santo - $3
Clearance section - $5 + up
Candles - $10/$45
Engraved Selenite Hearts - $15/$20
Celebration Box - $100
Meditation Box - $310




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