Crystals for Protection

Whether it be protection from toxic people, toxic situations, bad decision making or that negativity energy that you can’t put your finger on…there is a crystal for you.  Below we have outlined some of our favourites.

Black Tourmaline - If you’re looking for a protection stone, look no further than Black Tourmaline. In our opinion it is the mother of all protection stones. The reason we put Black Tourmaline in our House Blessing box is because it not just blocks and offers protection from negative energy but aids in the removal of it as well.
Fun fact: Also absorbs electromagnetic smog, which is the garbage that comes off of your digital devices so it protects you against toxic energies that are unseen and seen.

Black Obsidian - Black Obsidian is also a wonderful protection stone that we love to recommend if you have any toxic people or situations in your life that you can’t get away from. Think about it like this, if you were around someone very sick you’d wear a face mask to prevent you getting sick. This is your energetic face mask.
Fun Fact: Also great for problem solving.

Amethyst - We like to call Amethyst the people's choice of crystals because it does so much its bound to please almost every person. One of Amethyst’s special powers is that it offers protection. Amethyst is often referred to as the travellers stone because it offers protection and links you to your intuitions as you wander throughout the world. It is for the latter reason that this stone is loved in the sober community, as it’s said this stone helps you make sober decisions and as we all know one of the best ways to stay safe is by making well intentioned decisions. Fun Fact: Placing Amethyst next to your bed while you sleep will give you very vivid dreams.

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Selenite - Selenite brings the best of both worlds, peace and protection, and who doesn’t want both of those. Selenite can be used to remove negative energies, in a similar way as we use Sage. By grabbing a piece of Selenite and moving it over your body, think of this like lint rollering your aura, you are removing the negative energies around you. It is because of this that Reiki practitioners world wide use Selenite in their sessions.


Fun Fact: Selenite opens your crown chakra, so if you’re an over thinker this is the perfect stone for you.

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Rainbow Fluorite - You know the saying green lights and all rights, that’s what we like to think of when working with Rainbow Flourite. It helps ground you while also connecting you to your physic abilities, making it that much harder for anyone to manipulate you. It does all of that and absorbs negative energies in the environment around you.

Fun Fact: This stone helps you breeze through work projects, event planning, organization, things of this nature because it keeps your mind clear, sharp and in the zone.

At U+M we understand the power of protection through Crystals. If you haven’t already, grab yourself one of the above crystals, give it a go now and let us know how it has helped you.

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