Crystals for Love

Love comes in many forms, some are looking to call love in romantically, other’s have the relationship and are looking to keep the love alive and some of us are looking to deepen our love of self. Regardless of what kind of love you’re in the market for, here’s a list of 5 crystals that will help you call that sh*t in. 

Rose Quartz - It is impossible to talk about the world of crystals and love without mentioning rose quartz. Rose quartz is to love as babies are to joy. Rose quartzes loving energy is soft, and all encompassing. Rose quartz is that loving balm that you can rub on to call love in, to heal a broken heart or to make sure that loving feeling never goes away. Whatever your love needs are, rose quartz will fit the bill.  

Pink Tourmaline - In the same way that you can not start a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading a past chapter, you can not call new love in your life if you are reliving old heart trauma. This is where pink tourmaline comes in, this is an incredibly healing stone that helps clean out your emotional body and heart from old wounds, traumas and pain. You can’t accept something if your hands are already full, so by using pink tourmaline to help you let go of old pain your hands will be wide open to catch your new love. 

Malachite - A fun fact about your heart chakra is that it is the color of green, the reason we share this with you is to highlight the fact that many green stones can be highly heart healing, I.E malachite. Malachite is known as the stone of transformation and sometimes before we call the right love in or are able to heal love with our current partner or self we need to do a bit of transformational work on ourselves. Malachite’s leafy green color can remind you of what it does, like a tree only holds on to it’s vibrant healthy leaves to sustain it’s life, malachite aids you in releasing bad habits and helping you hold on to only the things that are serving you. Simply put when you start pulling the proverbial weeds from the garden that is your heart, you’ll be very surprised to see all the love that will grow in its place. 

Pink Mangano Calcite - This stone helps you cultivate self-love by bringing in energies of peace, well being and universal love. The fact of the matter is ain’t nobody going to love you if you don’t love you. And by bringing in the energy of acceptance for yourself and the world around you, you will start to notice more of an ease and peace in your life and you will truly realize that, in the great words of Hugh Grant’s character from Love Actually that, “If you look for it, love actually is, all around.” 

Rhodochrosite - You know the saying, “Big things come in small packages”? That’s rhodochrosite. Typically a small stone that is set in jewelry, this pink beauty will help you move throughout your day while keeping your heart completely and selflessly open to love, without fear of any of the “bad stuff. This doesn’t mean that it will magically remove any heartbreak from your past present or future, but rather like a wise sage help you to acknowledge, move through and release this pain for your higher good. Basically what we’re saying if we had a superpower it would be rhodochrosite. 

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