Introduction to Crystals

Crystals are tools.  Just like meditation, incense, sound bowls, these are tool to help us dive more deeply into ourselves.  At The Urban + The Mystic we offer crystals as a way to help you heal, grow, find joy and hopefully peace.

Before we go any further we want to talk about the proverbial elephant in the room, yes, we are well aware of the crystal naysayers and quite frankly, we understand. We live in a world that has gotten so far away from nature and intuition it’s no wonder why people need to “see it to believe it.”  And by “it” we mean, studies, scientific evidence that these tools work and while we are definitely fans of science, we’re also believers in energy, intuition, the power of your mind and your emotions. 

You see, we are ruled more by our heart than I think most are aware of. Scientifically speaking, the heart is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body.  Its electrical field is sixty times greater than that generated by the brain, its magnetic field is one hundred times greater than that given off by the brain and this energy from your heart can be detected anywhere on the surface of our bodies up three feet away and in all directions.  In fact, the heart sends more signals to the brain that than other way around.  Basically our hearts are running the ship.  So how does this relate to crystals you’re asking yourself?  We’re glad you asked!

The more we realize the power of our heart, the more we will lead with our heart and let it guide us.  Our heart tells us, "I love you… This job is not fulfilling me... I must own that outfit… This situation seems dangerous…  That crystal is for some reason speaking to me.”  The more we go within to our heart, the louder our “intuition” will become.  Intuition is derived from the Latin word intueri  which means to look at attentively, consider, admire, when we go within we become more attuned to hear, sense and feel what your heart is “saying.”  And this is where crystals come in, crystals are an incredible tool to help listen more intently, feel more deeply, recognize what parts of us need healing and to actualize that healing.

By listening to your intuition you’ll be drawn to certain crystals more than others, it is a belief widely subscribed to in the crystal world that the crystal chooses you, you don’t choose the crystal and the more you go within and listen the your inner voice you will experience this.  The same way no one told you to fall in love with your significant other or to love your child or that watching the sunset makes you feel at peace, is the same way your heart will guide you through the crystal kingdom.  The only thing standing in the way of your crystal’s energy helping you is your beliefs.  If you believe you will never find love then chances are you won’t, if you believe this crystal is akin to snake oil then chances are you won’t receive its healing energy, because you’re blocking it.   You can’t receive something you don’t don’t believe in.  Let us put it to you this way, if you don’t believe someone can love you, purely love you, then when that pure love comes along you’ll fight it, you won’t believe it’s real, you’ll reject it and most likely push it away.  Working with crystals is no different.  The more you can believe and trust that these tools are opening you up, aiding in your healing and working with you to call in your dreams, the more they will.

If you are one of those skeptics out there, yes, there is another way to understand the power of crystals and it all starts with piezoelectricity.  Piezoelectricity is essentially the voltage or energy that can be produced through applying pressure to a quartz crystal.  This technology is used in our cell phones, computers, LCD screens, watches, satellites, lighters and so much more.  This process was developed in 1880 and led to a surge of technological advancements, in fact we still use and benefit from piezoelectricity today.  You see the quartz crystal is receiving energy, processing it and then releasing it with a specific vibration and you don’t question this when it’s helping your phone to work, but people start to question the power of crystals when we say, “This pink tourmaline is heart healing… This piece of pyrite is motivating…”  and what we want you to know is that whether the crystal is helping your watch keep time or your heart to heal it’s all the same energy. 

Crystals do emit an electromagnetic charge, every cell in your body communicates through electromagnetic waves, which are basically waves of energy, (think of your microwave or a radio) and if crystals have been proven to receive energy, able to process that energy and then release a specific vibration of course your physical and energetic bodies would pick up on that because it is communicating on their wave length.  Energy and vibration are how our cells communicate, I mean crystals can produce an electromagnetic force in water and we are made up of 60% water so you do the math.  

And if you’re new to all of this and need to go slow, then go slow, if piezoelectricity, electromagnetic energy and latin root words are all too much for you then start small.  Buy a stone that speaks to you and every time you see it let it be a visual reminder of what you're calling in.  Once that feels like old hat then stick your toe a little deeper into these mystical waters, sit with your crystal, hold it as you close your eyes, breathe, lean into it’s energy and before you know you’ll be at your mother earth sacred light master monthly moon ceremony, we kid, but if you do ever hear of that going on slide an invite into our DM's.

The point to all of this is everything comes full circle once you really connect the dots and to come full circle on crystals and your introduction to them it really all comes back to you.  Do you want this healing?  Is your heart open?  Can you go within and listen to that voice that is speaking your heart’s desires?  The tools are here and they’re not magic beans, you have to do the work.  In the same way I could give you lumber, a hammer and nails and that would not magically create a home, but if you did the work you could use those things to build the home of your dreams.  Every crystal is a tool just waiting to be used to help you live the life of your dreams… which will you pick up first? 

The Urban + The Mystic

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