Crystals for Anxiety

According to WHO (the World Health Organization) 1 in 13 of us globally suffer from Anxiety, this statistic is far too high for a number us at U+M!  For that reason, we have pulled together a list of the top 5 Crystals to help those trying to manage their anxiety.

Selenite - This stone is Courtney's, co-founder of U+M, is her go to stone when she's feeling anxious. In the hippie world, they say Selenite aligns your chakras and opens your crown chakra. The translation of that is when you are feeling out of sorts, physically and/or emotionally chaotic Selenite will bring you back to center and get you out of your head. The analogy we like to use for the feeling of this stone is the difference between walking into your home and seeing that everything is tore up from the floor up versus walking into your home and seeing everything in its place and your floors are so clean you could eat off of them. This stone is light, bright and because Selenite vibrates so high, it will pull you out of the grips of anxiety in the blink of an eye. 

Fun Fact: Due to the fact that Selenite is such a high vibrational stone, you can use it to clear other stones and even to clean negative energy off of yourself. By placing stones on top of a Selenite bar or essentially lint roller'ing yourself with a Selenite wand, you and your crystals will be cleared and back on track. 

Lepidolite - We often recommend Lepidolite for sleep, because chances are if you have trouble sleeping it’s not because you’re drinking coffee too close to bedtime, but rather it’s something on your mind keeping you anxious. Lepidolite soothes energies caused by ADHD, PTSD, fear of change and triggering things such as this. Lepidolite contains small amounts of lithium which is why this stone reduces anxiety, balances you and brings peace. 

Fun Fact: We know we already mentioned this, but it bears repeating, Lepidolite is the best stone to clear insomnia or simply a plain ol good night sleep.

Blue Kyanite - They say depression is when you’re living in the past and anxiety comes from living in the future. Nine times out of ten when we’re feeling anxious it’s because we’re thinking of a future situation. “What am I going to do? What am I going to say? How am I going to handle this?” This is where Blue Kyanite comes in, one of our favorite stones for communication. This blue beauty not only helps you find the words for any situation but also helps you through the most important part which is saying them. Being truly understood is a fundamental need that everyone has and this stone will help you speak your truth in a way that will leave anxiety in the dust.

Fun Fact: Blue Kyanite is an amazing stone to meditate with as it calms the body and leaves you open to receiving psychic thoughts and hearing your intuition crystal clear.

Sodalite - If confidence or getting a hold on your emotions is your thing, Sodalite will be an amazingly helpful stone for you. By helping you trust your own judgement, you will instantly be growing and strengthening your self esteem, while at the same time releasing old thought patterns that have kept you stuck in an anxious not so great feeling place. By carrying Sodalite on you, you will find that you move through your life with more ease and definitely less anxiety.

Fun Fact: Sodalite is a great stone for strengthening your immune system.

Amethyst - Known around the world as a natural tranquilizer, need we say more? Okay I know we don’t need to, but we will. By transmuting negative energy into positive energy and being a protection stone, Amethyst will keep you feeling safe and those good vibrations. If you’re feeling anxious because you don't know whether to turn left or right, go up or down, use Amethyst to follow your intuition and make the best possible choice for yourself.

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Fun Fact: Amethyst is great to put in communal places, so that no matter who walks in with negative energy Amethyst will make sure that good vibes reigns supreme.

Angelite - The name says it all with this stone. Angelite is soothing, uplifting and helpful for transitions. A true reminder that your angels, guides or whatever higher power you believe in is always around you. Simply put, there's no need to panic, you are never alone and that you are always supported through every venture in your life. 

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Fun Fact: Angelite helps with telepathic communication, which is why we think it’s an amazing stone for a baby’s room as it helps parent and child communication without words.

If you need any helping in picking the right crystal for you, please reach out to a member of our team who would be delighted to help:

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