Healing Properties of Crystals


The Healing Properties of Crystals

Everything on Earth is comprised of energy and all energy produces vibrations that lead to certain effects. With crystals such as Amethyst, Quartz, and Selenite (just to name a few), these vibrations positively interact with human bodies and lead to the alleviation of anxiety and stress as well as relief from common afflictions such as headaches and sleeping disorders. At The Urban + The Mystic, we offer a wide variety of beautiful, natural, healing crystals and crystal gift boxes.  Keep reading to discover which crystals will help you the most with your specific issues as well as general, everyday stress and anxiety.

Three Powerful and Popular Healing Crystals

The following crystals are time-honored, tested, and proven to produce healing powers. Discover your favorite, then shop for loose crystals in various shapes and sizes at TheUrbanAndTheMystic.com. And, while you are here, check out our beautifully curated gift boxes in small and large sizes.

Selenite: Selenite not only offers protection, but brings with it a great deal of peace.  It aligns our chakra, opens our crown chakra and helps connect us to our angels. Yogis and other crystal experts agree that if you only carry and use one crystal, make it Selenite. It is good for nearly every purpose, including meditation (it is a conduit to the highest levels of consciousness) and the elimination of anxiety and stress. Plus, Selenite does not require charging and cleansing. Instead, it can be used to cleanse and recharge other crystals.

Amethyst: A true workhorse in the world of healing crystals, Amethyst protects, transmutes negative energy into positive energy, can relieve headaches, balance hormones, boost your sympathetic nervous system, and treat insomnia. Just place a piece of Amethyst under or near your pillow at night to experience deep, peaceful, and restful slumber. In addition to these healing properties, Amethyst connects you to your intuition; it’s a wonderful tool to have around when making decisions.  Finally, with its beautiful purple color, Amethyst is an aesthetically pleasing crystal that is perfectly suited for jewelry.

Clear Quartz: This stone increases the flow of qi energy in the body by stimulating the immune and circulatory systems. Clear Quartz also contains the entire color spectrum, so it amplifies manifestations from the spiritual world to the physical world. These manifestations may include prayers, desires, goals, and dreams. Keep Crystal Quartz close by wearing it or carrying it, infuse it with your intentions, placing it next to objects or letters that carry the energy of what you’re working on manifesting and let its powerful vibrations improve the condition of your mind, body, and spirit. There are many different variations of quartz as it is the most abundant crystal in the crystal kingdom.  One of our favorites besides Clear Quartz is Rose Quartz and if love is on your mind, turn to this beauty to attract a soulmate, nurture an existing relationship, or mend a broken heart.

Discover the Powerful Healing Properties of Crystals at The Urban + The Mystic

Say goodbye to everyday stress and anxiety, negativity, physical and mental ailments with globally sourced and consciously mined crystals from The Urban + The Mystic. Treat yourself or show a loved one how much you care with a healing gift box. And if you have any questions, we are always happy to help. Simply reach out to us through the contact page on our website.

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