About Us

Courtney Abbiati 
It is said that we are all the stars of our own movies.  Well, this is great news to Courtney whose most beloved purpose in life is to connect to others through story telling.  As the youngest of three from a loudmouthed New Jersey family having your voice heard was not a task for the faint of heart, but that didn’t stop Courtney it only made her louder and more determined.  There is never a set path for an artist to travel and while Courtney was ready to start working upon high school graduation, her parents were not, so it was off to art school she went.  The four years spent at Boston University's College of Fine Arts laid the groundwork for who Courtney is as an artist today.  Upon graduating she moved to Los Angeles, through time and more hard work than she cares to say she was able to build herself a genuine, fine life.  However, this was not a victory that was easily won. Through the struggle of living in a new city, a wildly bad break up, existing on a shoestring budget and not feeling as though she had a creative outlet that she was in control of Courtney learned the art of self care and the role that crystals, meditation and prayer played in it.  Through opening herself up to the healing that comes from showing up for yourself Courtney learned what she wants to share with everyone who receives a box from The Urban + The Mystic; if you take a moment to consistently show up for yourself, your life, and the magic it carries, will show up for you.  Your life might not be exactly how you planned it, but that’s what makes this ride so exciting.  On any given day any given thing can happen, we are all capable of going from waiting tables to owning your own company.  Helping people see this, believe it and experience it for themselves is just one more plot twist in Courtney’s life that she can’t wait to act out for you with a musical number and jazz hands of course.


Sydney Holland 

From an overachieving garden of tulips in Southern California emerged a wildflower.  Sydney Holland was born to two doctors who instilled in her and her two sister’s a strong will to make a difference in the world, little did they know Sydney would take the most non-traditional path to do so.  Every great achievement Sydney has made was built on the foundation of her sobriety, a    cause very near to her heart.  As for most who struggle with addiction this has not been an easy road to travel, but there is no doubt that healing from her father’s unexpected passing, moving through the world as a seasoned business woman, philanthropist and now mother of three children, one who was diagnosed with Autism, none of this would have been possible without her sobriety.  It is for reasons like this Sydney has dedicated so much of The Sydney D. Holland Foundation’s funds to helping women struggling with addiction, children in need and early autism intervention.  In addition to philanthropy, Sydney has been heavily involved in the fashion, art and house flipping worlds.  It is through these arenas that Sydney has been able to scratch her creative itch.  If her life wasn’t full enough she had a deep yearning to become a mother and through her struggle to conceive she discovered not just the beauty, but the healing power of crystals. Six years and three children later, Sydney’s newest baby was born, The Urban + The Mystic. She is beyond excited to give to the world what she has gotten from these gems, a greater sense of peace, understanding and all around knowing that the world is in fact in order; that the most beautiful things can come from the most unlikely of places, like say a wildflower amongst tulips.