The Urban + The Mystic, Not Your Mama's Crystal Company!

We love you mom, but we wanted to do things our way. 

The Urban + The Mystic is an LA based, female founded company where we bring old ways to a new world, when urban meets mystic.  Crystals, sage, singing bowls, candles, these are all tools that are at our finger tips, that are here to help us, and we just knew there was a way to put all of these tools into a really beautiful tool box, add in an easy to follow instructional card and make the world of crystals and mindfulness not just beautiful, but accessible to all.  Truly everything we do at U+M is to help you and the ones you love create beautiful moments, moments to heal, to celebrate, to call in good vibes because we know in our heart of hearts that a moment is all you need to change your life.  And once you start creating these moments and showing up for your life, the magic your life holds will show up for you.  

That’s a guarantee.

Crystals are tools to help us be our best selves.

But as with anything in life, they only work if you work them. It’s the same with working out, dating, the outlets in your home, you need to plug in to the outlet, go on the date, get on the treadmill.  It’s a tale as old as time, but our favorite way it’s told is in The Wizard of Oz.  It was once Dorothy believed that her sparkly ruby red slippers held a power that could help get her home, only then did she click them three times and home she went.  That is exactly how we look at crystals, these are our ruby red slippers.  They are emanating, powerful, healing and motivational energies just waiting to be accessed to bring you “home”, to your best self.  Our job at The Urban + The Mystic is to help you use your ruby red slippers, A.K.A. your crystals to create a moment to go within and create the beautiful, depth-full, mindful life we all want.  Now, let’s begin our journey together down the yellow brick road of life.  May the ruby red slippers we have here for you help you build the life of your dreams, a life that brings you peace, a life that touches others, a life that makes the world a better place and the truth is, “You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Meet The U+M Founders

Courtney Abbiati (right) and Sydney Holland (left) founded The Urban + The Mystic because quite frankly, they needed to.  Through Sydney’s journey with sobriety and Courtney’s journey as an artist they both have always relied on finding and using tools and techniques that ground them, make them feel at peace and serve as a reminder that we’re not just atoms mindless bopping from pillar to post, but rather there is a deep and beautiful meaning to our lives.  You see, like any other girl when they found something that worked for them they wanted to share it with all of their friends, shared they did and then they realized, “I think the world might want to get in on this as well.”  Hence, The Urban + The Mystic was born.  Courtney serves as the chief mystic, content and product creator as well as the face of the company, so you’ll be seeing a lot of her; she is certified a meditation teacher, reiki practitioner, medium and via her birth certificate a certified Jersey Girl, meaning she’s not your average hippie.  Courtney loves to talk about all things energy and also The Real Housewives, seldom will you hear a sentence escape her lips without a SAT word or a curse word in it and her favorite extra curricular activity is to hug people, like everyone.