Nature Made/Eco Friendly

Nature Made/Eco Friendly- What The Urban + The Mystic sells to you is from the earth and we believe you should never take more than you give, so everything we do is with Mother Earth in mind.  Our boxes are made from reclaimed wood and there are hundreds of ways to repurpose it.  Our candles are organic, vegetable based and non-toxic, they’re safe enough to burn next to a new born.  The shaved wood packing inside our boxes is compostable and even makes great kindling.  We have worked our tails off to make sure our products are meaningful not just material, offer healing and wellbeing and that these things are reminders of how utterly beautiful the world we live in is.  Mother nature created that crystal, grew that sage, produced that piece of wood.  Nature is an ever-present reminder of how lucky we are and it is our responsibility to treat her well so that future generations can enjoy her. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  It is with this in mind that we are always pushing ourselves to think of ways to be better, better packing solutions, printing on recycled paper, using sustainable products.  It is our promise to you and mother nature that we will uphold these standards we have set forth in bringing you ethically sourced, eco friendly products while also continuing to do better.  Because we can.  And we will.

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