Rose Quartz

All you need is love… and maybe a little help getting there. Meet rose quartz, the holy grail of unconditional love in the crystal world. Rose quartz helps call in love, heal your heart, connect deeper with your partner, friends and family as well as aiding in forgiveness. Love comes in so many forms and this stone helps you access love from all angles.
When calling love into your life rose quartz is a must. We love placing rose quartz in a bedroom so that when you sleep this loving energy washes over you. This stone is associated with the element of water, so when we say, “it will wash over you” we mean just that, its fluid nature will gently wash away what’s not serving you. So if you’re looking for love remember, like attracts like, if you’re emanating love that’s what you will receive like a boomerang right back at ‘cha.
When wanting to connect more deeply with someone it can be very powerful to do something we suggest in our Thank You Box, having one rose quartz that you keep and one you give away to your significant other, friend, child or family member. This will energetically link you to each other and help to deepen your connection. Now don’t get scared, they’re not handcuffs, think of it as a tin can telephone, two stones with an imaginary string that gives you a direct line to someone you love.
If it’s healing you’re after rose quartz to the rescue yet again, adding it to your meditation space, bathroom or vanity (anywhere you do self-care) will help you forgive yourself and others, it’s soft energy will guide to seeing and feeling situations from a new perspective leading you to release what you were so tightly holding onto. On the path to getting and receiving love sometimes the things we hold onto can be what stands in our way. A lot of the time we’re not even aware of the toxic energy we’re storing, but like a pig finding a truffle, rose quartz will find your toxic energy and help wash it away.
Thank goodness there is no shortage of this beautiful stone in the world because we could also use all the love we can get. “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.” -Zelda Fitzgerald




In a world where we have infinite options we all want to make sure we’re making the best choices and the way we’re making these decisions has shifted. Yes, we still want to know that what we’re buying is beautiful and made well, but it’s deeper than that, we want to know where things were made, how they were made and we’re leaning towards meaningful over just material. Gifts that connect us, that help us heal, that support our growth. When creating The Urban + The Mystic we were very clear about offering something to the world that matters, a way to help our customers help themselves, to give them tools that they can be in control of, that they can use everyday to live a more intentional life. This is way every single box we sell comes with an experience, a way to create a moment, something you can do everyday that will bring you peace, calm, healing and they are all deeply rooted in self-love. We’re going to say that one again because we thinks it’s important, every box offers you a way to create a moment and a moment is all you need to change your life.
The grass is greener where you water it so whether you’re buying a crystal gift box for yourself or someone else you’re watering your grass. You’ve either taken the time to practice self-care or gifting self-care to a loved one and you’re now a part of someone living a healthier, fuller, more connected life. So when we say these are unique, healing gifts, what we’re getting at is this choice, your choice. Each box, from the inside out, is hand curated and assembled with loving care and the intension behind all of them is that you get to connect to whatever it is that is important to you, to help you create the life of your dreams. We don’t mean to sound dramatic because I guess one could say it’s just a box, but to us and hopefully you it’s so much more than that.

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