Globally Sourced

Globally Sourced- In a world where we are on option overload we at The Urban + The Mystic have rooted our products in meaning, healing and uniqueness.  Due to the organic nature of ours product line you will never receive two of the same bowl, box or crystal. Every part of every box is globally sourced from the Himalayan Mountains to our very own backyard in Los Angeles.  We work with people from all four corners of the earth to bring you products that are truly special.  Every crystal is hand picked, every box is handmade and every candle hand poured.  We’ve taken the time to travel around the globe to find these one of a kind gems and our hope is that as you experience each unique offering, whether it’s in a box or as a singular crystal you can feel the beautiful energy that was using in finding it bringing it to you.  From the amethyst that was hand-mined in Brazil to the rose quartz that was found right here in the states, every piece has a journey its made to get to you, a story of its very own.  We work only with people who respect crystals and stones as much as we do.  They and us are not trying to get you the fastest and cheapest, but rather the highest quality, most beautiful and meaningful pieces we can find you.  We take treasure hunting very seriously, there is no stone left unturned (see what we did there?) when we are curating each box, if you are buying one for yourself or for a loved one you should be thrilled to know you’ll look like a prince among men having found something so out of this world special.  When products come together from around the world, you can feel that, you can see that and most importantly you get enjoy that as you use each piece.

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