Women Owned

Women Owned- The future is female and so are we, Courtney Abbiati and Sydney Holland, owners of The Urban + The Mystic.  We are Los Angeles based entrepreneurs who are excited about not only starting a company that is dedicated to improving the lives of our customers, but also helping to change the landscape of a male dominated field.  Don’t get us wrong, we love men, we just also find it important that women’s voices are represented and heard in the work force and as business owners.  We understand that as a woman we see the world through a different lens, have different experiences and opinions.  Every product we make, charity we partner with, moment our boxes offer for you to create is affected by these differences.  It is our goal to take the world of self-help and healing that can seem esoteric and inaccessible to many and make it as easy and understandable as ordering a venti, latte with an extra shot, one sugar and extra foam.  Meditation and mindfulness are words that are thrown around a lot these days, but to us they’re not merely buzzwords, but rather a way of life, a way to feel rooted in your everyday, your family and your community.  We’ve all heard that by nature men are hunters/gatherers and women are nesters, well we’ve taken that to the next level at the Urban + The Mystic by offering you products that help you do just that.  To add real meaning to your home, workspace or even vacation rental with things that are meaningful and not just material.   Boxes that help you heal, connect and take a moment for yourself.   We're offering a deeper way of looking at things, where a box can become a succulent planter, a holder of spare change, a hiding spot for journals.  Crystals that can help you call in love, peace and strength.  I Am Thankful For cards reminding us that there’s nothing to small to be thankful for.   It is with every hand curated box and product that we are giving you the opportunity to do one of the many things women excel at… to settle in, form a community, create a space and environment that has meaning, is safe and inspires.  Let’s all lean into the divine feminine and all it brings, creation, community, passion and collaboration.  The Urban + The Mystic will help you ride this wave into the future.

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