• Entertaining in the Time of COVID

    Entertaining in the Time of COVID
    We’ve all had to put a pin in mass gatherings and while we’re all looking forward to Coachella 2021 this begs the question, what do we do until then? 
  • 5 Ways to Clear your Crystals

    5 Ways to Clear your Crystals
    For some reason I’ve always heard a great deal of pomp and circumstance around someone talking about how they cleared their crystals and while I love the passion behind this, I think it can sometimes be intimidating to the novice crystal connoisseur and maybe even prohibit them to buying a crystal because “I don’t know how to clear crystals. Will they have all this...
  • Introduction to Crystals

    Introduction to Crystals
    This is our “Intro to Crystals.”  It’s unlike any other you’ve read, so buckle up because we get a little kooky, but we think you’ll dig it.  Here we go...
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