The Good Vibes Gift Box

The Good Vibes Gift Box


Whether you're looking to infuse your space with some fresh energy or you need to give the perfect birthday present The Good Vibes Box is all you'll need to do the trick.  The Palo Santo will clear our any bad vibes hangin' around, the amethyst with bump up the joy and help protect you while the rose water will seal in all the good energy you just created.  So who's ready for some good, good, good, good vibrations?


  • Amethyst Cluster, for transmutes negative energy into positive enrgy adn offers protection
  • Organic Rosewater by Voyage et Cie., Handmade in Los Angeles.
  • Palio Santo
  • Custom U+M Box, Handmade from Reclaimed Wood - 6”x 6” x 2 ½”
  • Printed Instructions on Back of Box on How To Create Your Moment

Perfect For:

  • House Warming
  • Birthday
  • Host/Hostess Gift
  • Thank You
  • Just Because


**Please note that all crystals, wood and weights will vary due to the organic nature of each box. 

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