Selenite, the low maintenance friend. 

Selenite is the low maintenance best friend we all need in our life.  She protects you from negative energies, brings you peace, helps you sleep better and gets you out of your head.  Oh, and did we mention she won't break the bank?  Selenite is truly one of our favorite stones as this angelic stunner doesn't ask for much, but gives so much.  Who couldn't use a little less over thinking, a little more peace and a whole lotta protection?  And if all of that hasn't got you adding selenite to your cart already, you can also rest easy knowing that she is very low maintenance, never needs to be cleared, can be used to clear other stones and will quietly do its job no matter where she resides.

Now who doesn't want a best friend like that?

To engrave the selenite click the 'Personalize It' button.


Weight 0.35lb

Width 3in

Height 2 3/4in

Depth 1in

*All weights and measurements are approximations as each piece of selenite will vary.

Customer Reviews

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New customer

I just love your shop! The quality is incredible and the prices are reasonable. I am enjoying all of my purchases so far and highly recommend buying from The Urban + The Mystic! Plus, if you have any questions, the team is incredibly knowledgeable on everything they sell.

Five Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My “second” order experience was even more wonderful than my first. I was unsuccessful at filling information online and you allowed me to process via email. I haven’t unwrapped all of the engraved hearts but the ones I have, I 💗. Thank you 🙏 for all the help ordering and the speedy and great turnaround ...I couldn’t be more pleased!

She loves it!

The perfect gift to let someone know that you care about them. Selenite is a beautiful stone.

Beautiful, elegant crystals

Love these beautiful, simple, powerful crystals. The engraving adds an elegant element.