Palo Santo otherwise known as "holy wood" is becoming much more well known, which we personally couldn't be happier about. However, even though people have heard of it we think there's still a bit of mystery surrounding its purpose. 

The short and long of it is, Palo Santo comes from fallen tree branches in central and South America, ours specifically comes from Ecuador. Now on to the fun part, Palo Santo when burned offers an energetic cleansing by way of burning away negative energy, keeping and calling in the good stuff. This is different from sage as sage clears out all energy. This holy wood is also wonderful for stress relief and because it is known to reduce inflammation it's wonderful to burn if you've got a headache or aren't feeling well. This cute little stick also smells heavenly when burned. It's also great to light up during a massage, before guest arrive for your dinner party or for your own enjoyment while cozing up with a great book on a quiet Sunday. 

Lastly, we're trilled to see the popularization of Palo Santo, and even though we would love to be your soul Palo Santo dealer, we understand that that's not always possible, so please just be sure wherever you buy your palo santo it is being sourced ethically. And of course you can rest assured, when purchased from us, your Palo Santo is 100% ethically sourced. 


Weight .02lb

Width 4in

Height 5in

Depth 5in

To engrave the palo santo click the 'Personalize It' button.


*All weights and measurements are approximations as each piece of selenite will vary. 

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